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      Rockery in the now almost everywhere in the city landscape, to the point of fire then investigate its fundamental is what reason, let us a layer of a strange solve the mystery.
      Large rockery, park rockery, large rockery waterfall running water is given priority to, with the heart of the superb technical strength and altruism, successively for domestic customers at all levels made all kinds of large, medium and small rockery, imitation wood, yongji, fake trees, such as landscape architecture, won the customer the consistent approval. In the ten years of operation accumulated plenty of experience in design and construction, according to the actual needs of customers to provide clients with landscape design, engineering construction, one-stop service. "Innovation, quality first, price reasonable, the supremacy of credibility, let customer satisfaction is the company's commitment to customer forever!" We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, and at the same time welcome new and old customers call, letter negotiate business
      1, can shape the ideal artistic image, magnificent, majestic rich powerful sense of rock scene, especially to the huge stone shape is difficult to transport and stacking. This kind of art form are better coordinated with modern architecture. In addition also can through the imitation, landscape stone, stone, such as taihu stone have different style.
      2, can decorate in areas not produce stone rock scene, available materials, low prices, such as brick, sand, cement, etc.
      3, construction convenient, without being limited by the terrain, terrain, the weight should not be big giant rocks into place, such as indoor garden, roof garden, still can create a shell structure, lighter weight, giant rocks.
      4,可以預留位置栽培植物,進行綠化。 設計塑造的山的設計要綜合考慮山的整體布局以及同環境的關系。根據自然山石的巖脈規律和構圖藝術手法,統一安排峰、嶺、洞、潭、瀑、澗、麓、谷、曲水、盤道等,做出模型。模型放大的方法有翻制法和現場塑造法兩種,后者造價低,較為常用。
      4, can place reserved cultivated plants, greening. Shape design of the mountains of design should consider the whole layout and the relationship with the environment. According to the laws of the natural rock dike and composition art gimmick, unified arrangement peak, ridge, hole, pools, waterfalls, song jian, foot, valley, the water and bends, etc., make the model. Model amplification method has turn two kinds of method and field shaping method, which is low cost, is more commonly used.
      Set a number of advantages make rockery unusually hot.


      ·公園景觀石安裝介紹(Park landscape stone installation is completed)
      ·山東龜紋石形態特征介紹Shandong moire stone morphology

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